Birds habitat
Birds habitat

The beautiful flowers of parched corn are opening their buds there.
Making noise, the bird warbles with quetzal chimes, bringing everything to life:
Golden flowers are opening their corollas.
With birds of golden, red and black and shiny red colors
You blend your songs, make noble with quetzal feathers
Your friends Eagles and Tigers, you make them brave.

Nezahualcoyotl (Excerpt)

Habitats destruction is one of the main causes of population decline and species extinction, including for birds.

Fire in mangroves, habitat for many species. Credit: Omar Trujillo

We try to reverse this trend, at least in critical areas for migratory and resident birds. It requires data about their habitats and about the ecological and socioeconomic potential of protection and restoration.

Humming bird sipping. Credit: Antonio Hidalgo.

We aim to protect and restore ecosystems and agro-ecosystems where birds live (cloud forests, shade-grown coffee plantations, mangroves, and pine-oak forests) by means of:

  1. Legal protection of ecosystems through Private Conservation Areas certification.

  2. Reintroduction of trees providing food or shelter for birds with their fruits, seeds and trunks.

Improve bird habitats by sponsoring trees that sing.


Photo banner: Gil Eckrich.


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