Shade-grown coffee plantations
Shade-grown coffee plantations

"…from a hot origin to a cold destination, coffee is a beloved and globalized scent for more than 200 years. Extroverted crop par excellence, today it’s the second feedstock in world market, after oil, and three-quarters of this harvest across borders, always from south to north…"

Laure Waridel

Shade-grown coffee plantation. Credit: Aníbal Ramírez.

Shade-grown coffee farms are agro-ecosystems that, by its structure and biological wealth, provides species habitats.

Migratory birds use these farms to feed and spend the winter.

Coffee plantations are capable of enhancing biodiversity and improving habitat for priority species.

The farms beautify landscapes and represent the cultural heritage of historic coffee-growing communities.


Currently, the shade-grow coffee plantations are losing lands due to replacement for sugar plantations and urban growth.

Sugar-cane burning, this crop has moved coffee plantations. Credit: Eric Zentmyer.

Nowadays, devastation of the forest has increased so much that preservation actuibs abd focus has shifted from a species protection approach to an approach based on functional landscapes. Besides the forest and their species, this new approach considers ecosystems as buffer zones that help to preserve connectivity between patches of vegetation.

Site for diversifying shade in coffee plantations of the Sierra Madre Oriental.

Our efforts to divesify shade trees in coffees plantations are based in the central region of Veracruz which is part of the Sierra Madre Oriental (see map).

However, our focus areas are in the Sierra of Zongolica and around priority watersheds in Xalapa and Coatepec
(see map).






Sites for diversifying shade in coffee plantations in central Veracruz.
  1. Diversification of shade trees and ecological management. We offer shade trees to preserve social benefits that the plantation can bring.

  2. Consultation in management plans. We make detailed maps, conduct plants and birds inventories and recommended techniques to improve productions as well.
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